Fight Right™

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Fight Right is formulated to re-hydrate and recover the athlete while keeping them anabolic and building muscle.  Designed for the serious athlete that needs to get back at it tomorrow.

  • Promotes Muscle Growth
  • Rehydrate & Replenish
  • Elevate Recovery
  • Post Workout Supplement


BCAA 2:1:1 – From a premium fermented vegan source. 6g
• Known as Branch Chain Amino Acids consisting of L-Leucine, L-Valine, and L-Isoleucine.
• Directly used by the muscles as a critical energy source.
• L-Leucine ignites muscle protein synthesis (anabolic-building muscle) and also boosts insulin which decreases muscle protein breakdown.
• L-Valine is responsible for minimizing fatigue and allowing for more endurance.
• BCAA’s promote staying anabolic and building muscle.
• Building blocks of muscle protein.
• BCAA’s skip the liver and go directly into the muscle fiber.
• Aid in fat loss and boost the immune system.
• The most critical time for BCAA intake is before, during, or after exercise.

Sustamine® L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine 2g
• A super Glutamine. Combining L-Glutamine and L-Alanine. Vegan.
• Research shows that Sustamine® is absorbed up to 224% better than standard L-Glutamine.
• Promotes hydration and exercise performance.
• Sustamine® is more stable and does not degrade over time compared to ordinary L-Glutamine.
• Prevent the breakdown of your muscles and stay anabolic.
• Promote healthy GH levels.
• Glutamine plays a key role in muscle protein synthesis and supplementing can recover and heal your body faster. Stop being sore for days and get back at it.
• Glutamine can boost your immune system.
• During intense exercise your body depletes Glutamine and it needs to be replenished.

Taurine 1g
• One of the most useful and important amino acids to supplement with. It’s good for everything.
• Involved in the regulation of core body temperature and fights heat stress.
• Taurine levels in muscle cells are critical for muscle force and strength.
• Taurine’s anti-oxidant properties minimize fatigue.
• Helps (NO) production and promotes a healthy heart and cardiovascular system.
• Exercise depletes taurine levels and so supplementation is necessary.
• Maintains proper water balance in the body
• Pairs well with caffeine and can further improve mental performance.

Coconut Water Powder Extract 800mg
• A natural source of electrolytes.
• Rehydrate your body.
• Maintain water balance and promote positive motor neuron activity.
• Prevent muscle cramps and prevent decrease in performance during activity.
• Fact: A well hydrated athlete will outperform a dehydrated athlete.

BioPerine® Black Pepper Extract
• Enhances the absorption of all other supplement ingredients into your body.
• Studies show that the use of this extract can boost absorption by 30-2000%.


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